Kurt Cockroft set up Wood Waste Technology in 2002

Michael Evans set up Wood Waste Technology in 2002

About Wood Waste Technology

Kurt Cockroft and Michael Evans set up Wood Waste Technology in 2002. With over 50 years combined industry experience, they wanted to use their talent and expertise to help businesses virtually eliminate skip and landfill charges, and gain free heating, simply by better utilising the waste products from manufacturing.

Wood Waste Technology has become the leading manufacturer in waste to energy systems, having built its reputation on producing excellent quality, user friendly and reliable products along with unbeatable service. All the wood waste heaters are manufactured in-house in the UK, and the team is proud that every burner ever sold by the business is still in operation today. Customers also benefit from buying direct from manufacturers Wood Waste Technology – in terms of technical knowledge, spares availability, and of course, price!

The team’s excellent reputation spread across Europe, and Wood Waste Technology were approached in 2011 by GROSS, leading specialists in shredders, briquetters and grinding technology, to become its UK distributor, completing the portfolio of products Wood Waste Technology can offer.

As a business, Kurt and Michael are constantly striving to develop innovative new products and components that will give maximum product lifespan at minimum cost to the user. For example, Wood Waste Technology was the first company to perfect the design of a heater without the need for costly oil or gas afterburners, saving customers thousands of pounds on their initial investment.

Environmental issues and carbon emission reduction continues to play an increasingly important role in business operations. Wood Waste Technology is helping businesses to build a cleaner, greener future whilst becoming more profitable by saving money.

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