Wood Waste Case Study -
Kiddie of Southport

State of the art biomass boiler installed into one of the UK’s oldest shop fitting companies.

The team at Wood Waste Technology has installed a state-of-the-art biomass hot water boiler system into one of the UK’s oldest shop fitting companies, Kiddie of Southport.

Kiddie started in 1869 as a small family shop fitting business that has evolved through time to become a modern manufacturing base with services including shop fitting, curtain walling, joinery and aluminium window fabrication and installation, for commercial clients as well as schools, hospitals, medical healthcare practices and care centres.

The new wood waste boiler was installed into Kiddie’s 25,000 sq ft factory in Southport, which is a very old building in a residential area, with 40 employees working under its roof.

When Kiddie’s existing wood waste boiler, bought many years ago from another manufacturer was starting to fail, the management decided it was time to invest in a new one, so contacted Wood Waste Technology because of its reputation for quality, reliable biomass solutions.

Wood Waste Technology’s revolutionary boiler is one of the most efficient wood waste boilers available in the UK, having been designed and tested to BSEN303-5-1999, the highest standard for efficiency and emissions. It was also the first in the UK to be declared fully compliant with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme without the need for additional flue gas filtration equipment (significantly reducing the investment and on-going maintenance costs of a RHI compliant boiler).   Wood Waste Technology boilers can also operate in clean air zones under the Clean Air Act, as the boilers meet the two highest standards in emissions regulations, so are able to be used in even the sternest of jurisdictions in the UK.   

The team at Wood Waste Technology designed a complete system for the Kiddie factory, to give free heating to the factory area just as the old wood waste heater did, but also to send heat to radiators in the office area.  As the office previously had to be heated separately by a gas boiler, Kiddie is delighted to be saving around £1500 in heating bills each year, in addition to the money being saved on heating the factory and waste disposal.

Stephen Holmes, Managing Director at Kiddie says: “The new system is fantastic.  It gives out so much more heat, is way more efficient than our old boiler and offers more functionality too.  Unfortunately our old boiler packed in before we had the new one installed, which made us realise how much money a biomass boiler saves us each year, as all of a sudden we had to hire skips to take away our wood waste, and were spending around £1000 every few months just on waste removal!  It was such a relief when we could burn our waste wood again, to heat the factory, offices and also provide hot water. The team at Wood Waste Technology has given us excellent service, and they even helped us in our application for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which now generates a significant line of extra income into the business.”

Kurt Cockroft, MD of Wood Waste Technology says: “Our engineers were the first to use purely primary methods to reduce emission levels in a biomass heating solution, which allows customers to maximise their return from the RHI scheme by getting more money from every kilogram of fuel burnt. So, as well as companies making considerable savings on heating and waste removal bills by burning waste to create energy, it means companies with successful RHI applications could earn around £17,000 - £21,500 a year, for 20 years, with a 209kw boiler.  Wood Waste Technology also has a 100% success rate in RHI applications for companies burning chipboard and MDF.”

Kurt continues: “Kiddie’s new boiler offers 92.4% efficiency compared to the 68% efficiency of its old boiler.  By getting 26.5% more energy from the fuel, the new 209kW boiler will use only the same amount of fuel as a 150 kW one, yet makes the factory much warmer, and substantially increases the RHI payments the company is entitled to.  That’s why many companies are now realising the benefit of replacing their older wood waste boilers with newer, more efficient ones that can qualify for RHI.”

Kiddie has also invested in a Putzmaus boiler tube cleaning system from Wood Waste Technology, allowing them to quickly and easily clean the boiler, to help keep it running at maximum efficiency.

Wood Waste Technology’s years of expertise in wood waste solutions have helped many companies reduce their waste disposal and heating costs.  As well as offering site survey, design, manufacture, installation and on-going maintenance for new units, the company also services all types of wood waste heaters and supplies genuine spares up to 60% cheaper than other suppliers.

As well as being a distributor for Putzmaus, Wood Waste Technology is also the UK official distributor for Gross Apparatebau GmbH, a German manufacturer of dependable, precision engineered shredders and briquetters, available in various size and specifications to suit all business applications.

Call Wood Waste Technology on 01785 250400 and start to recoup some value from the waste in your business, or visit www.woodwastetechnology.com, www.grossuk.co.uk or www.putzmaus.co.uk to find out more.
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