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Wood Waste Case Study -
Zero1 Exhibitions

Exhibition Company takes a stand against waste disposal and heating bills

Recognising there is a better way to utilise waste wood, a Midlands exhibition company has purchased a solution from Wood Waste Technology that will save the business money on both waste disposal and heating bills.

Exhibition contractor and manufacturer, Zero 1 is delighted with the waste heater it purchased, which has seen the company through some harsh winters and will continue to reduce the rising expenditure on utility bills and waste disposal, saving thousands of pounds over time.

The ever-expanding company has been trading for 11 years, and currently operates from a 6000 square foot industrial unit in Walsall, West Midlands.

Due to the large amount of waste wood generated from manufacturing exhibition stands and the expense of heating the building via traditional methods, Managing Director of Zero 1 Exhibitions, Andrew Maclaren decided to look into purchasing a wood waste heater to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and increase profit by reducing operating costs.

Having calculated the savings and pay-back period, a WT15 (150kw) heater was ordered, and installed in September 2011 by Wood Waste Technology’s experienced engineers.

Louise Goodman from Zero 1 says, “Last year has been another busy year which has resulted in more wood waste than usual, therefore the waste disposal charges would have increased if we hadn’t purchased the wood waste heater. Our heating costs were excessive, especially in the spray paint department where the overhead electric heaters just consumed the electricity with great voracity. We felt like we were throwing money away, paying to heat the workshop for the warm air to escape every time the roller-shutter door opened. Now, the wood waste heater keeps the workshop warm during the cold winter days and has made a huge difference to both the heat in the workshop and the offices – with the added bonus of saving us money on skips and other waste disposal charges.”

MD of Wood Waste Technology, Kurt Cockroft says, “Any company that is left with wood waste from its manufacturing process should investigate how much a wood waste burner could save the business – and how quick the payback is on the investment.”

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