WT15 - Wood Waste Technology Heater Unit from Woodwaste Technology
Gross range of four-shaft shredders enables you to shred and recycle long and oversize wood waste
fully compliant with the clean air act without an oil or gas afterburner
briquetting machines are robust and reliable machines which can press a variety of wood waste and many other materials
turn your wood waste into energy and heat your factory for free

Help & Advice

Where can I get more information about the Renewable Heat Incentive?

Either give Wood Waste Technology a call, or visit www.rhincentive.co.uk

What happens in summer when I want to burn my wood waste without heating?

Summer heat dumps can be fitted to the wood waste heaters, to allow you to burn your wood waste without any heat being generated. Alternatively, other customers have invested in shredding/briquetting technology, to reduce the size of the waste, to allow them to keep it to use during the cold winter months.

How often do the heaters need servicing?

We recommend an annual service. Our database automatically sends a reminder to all our clients around February/March each year, to have a service carried out during the summer months.

How do I know if I’m in a Smoke Controlled Zone?

With Wood Waste Technology’s heaters, you don’t have to worry whether you’re in a smoke controlled zone or not, as all our heaters are exempt. That’s why we have customers in all the big cities in the UK – including London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Where can I get more information about Clean Air Legislation?

DEFRA - UK Smoke Controlled Areas
DEFRA - UK Smoke Control - Exempt Appliances

Clean Air Legislation 2010 Notes

Legislation - Clean Air (Exempt Fireplaces) -
The Smoke Control Areas - England - 2013

Legislation - Clean Air (Exempt Fireplaces) -
The Smoke Control Areas - Scotland - 2010

I’m interested in a briquetters and shredders – where can I get more information
Visit www.grossuk.co.uk for information about Gross range of briquetters and shredders.
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