WT10 from Woodwaste Technology
Woodwaste Heater Unit


The WT10 is the middle unit of the double pass heat exchange models and will produce 300,000btu/hr of warm air, enough to heat a workshop of up to 7500ft².

Once again the WT10 is fully compliant with the clean air act without an oil or gas afterburner. As with all the WT range these units are the most robust, heavy duty heaters available in the market place.

The WT10 will dispose of approximately 800-1250kg of MDF, chipboard, hardwood or softwood waste off-cuts per week.

WT10 Heater Specifications
Heat Output 89 Kw/hour - 300,000 Btu/hour
Air Volume 5050 M3/Hour
Length 2050mm
Width 1090mm
Height 1970mm
Weight 920 Kg
Single Phase 15 AMP
Wood Waste Technology Ltd - Units 1-3,Drummond Road, Astonfield's Industrial Estate, Stafford - 01785 250400