WT15 Woodwaste Heater Unit

WT15 Woodwaste Heater Unit

WT15 Woodwaste Heater Unit
Automatic Briquette Bagging System from Woodwaste Technology

Connecting a Wood Waste Technology automatic bagging unit to a briquette machine is an extremely efficient and tidy way of bagging up briquettes – reducing labour costs by 95%, and eliminating mess as the briquettes go straight into the bags.

This automatic bagging unit counts the briquettes into each bag, then rotates to a new bag once the first bag is filled with the correct amount of briquettes. Once all bags are filled correctly, both the bagging system and briquette machine turn off, giving time for new bags to be loaded onto the bagging unit. Once the empty bags are attached, a user simply presses the start button for the machine to start bagging all over again.

WT15 Wood Waste HeaterWT15 Woodwaste Heater

Dimensions   Specifications
A 1500mm   Power 0.37kw
B 1500mm   Control Panel 24v
C 900 - 11.50mm   Weight 118kgs
D 280mm Dia.    

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