WT15 from Woodwaste Technology
Woodwaste Heater Unit

The WT15 is the largest of the hand fired units and is still the most popular heater in the wood working industry since its launch.

The reason for its popularity is, as with the other WT heaters, the robust design, low servicing costs and high heat output Once again the WT15 is fully compliant with the clean air act without an oil or gas afterburner. As with all the WT range these units are the most robust, heavy duty heaters available in the market place.

Fully compliant with all the latest emission regulations the WT15 really is the market leader, and with a payback period of around 12 months it’s no wonder everyone questions why they didn’t buy one years ago.

Burning anywhere between 1000 and 2000kg per week and producing a whopping 500,000 btu/hr the WT15 will cope with most companies waste problems. Whether it is MDF, chipboard, hardwood or softwood you can rest assured the WT15 will dispose of it cleanly and legally without a costly oil or gas afterburner.

WT15 Heater Specifications
Heat Output 146 Kw/hour - 500,000 Btu/hour
Air Volume 10240 M3/Hour
Length 2420mm
Width 1180mm
Height 2095mm
Weight 1700 Kg
Three Phase + Neutral 20 AMP


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